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World Class Waterjet Cutting Machines for Industry 

Water Jet Sweden develop, design, and build world-class, industrial waterjet cutting machines. Starting at entry-level with a wide range of optional functions through to systems for highly bespoke waterjet cutting optimised to specific requirements, all our waterjet cutting machines are built to order in Sweden.

From 1m², up to the largest at 6m x 15m, these are professional, heavy-duty waterjet cutting machines made to last with typically 20+ years of machine life. Available from single head up to 6 abrasive cutting heads, or 12 pure water heads there's a choice of cutting table configurations and Z axis units with linear motors for maximum flexibility. WJS UK has been the Authorised Partner for Sales, Service & Technical Support of the full range of Waterjet Sweden Machines in the UK since 2004. 

Single Head Water Jet Cutters
Single Head Water Jet Cutters

High-performance, entry-level waterjet cutting tool equipped for 2D abrasive cutting. Ideal for any industry with a requirement to cut bespoke parts in different kinds of materials.

Multi Head Water Jet Cutters
Multihead Water Jet Cutters

Water Jet Sweden Premium and Grand waterjet cutting machines are ideal for applications where the user needs the flexibility to cut a wide range of disparate parts from the same parent material.

Multihead Beam Water Jet Cutters
Multihead Beam Water Jet Cutters

The X-series is commonly used for in-house production and small production series. A versatile platform to create a bespoke cutting system which is expandable as your business grows.

Micro Abrasive Water Jet Cutters
Micro Abrasive Water Jet Cutters

A high-precision cutting tool for fine parts and micro components specially designed for narrow cuts and extreme tolerances with very little material loss.

3D BevelJet Water Jet Cutters
3D BevelJet Water Jet Cutters

2-D Abrasive Waterjet process capabilities can be enhanced by the addition of 5-axis capability. The BevelJet™ 60 Cutting tool is available on all Premium and Grand waterjet cutting machines.

Full 5 Axis Water Jet Cutters Machines
Full 5 Axis Water Jet Cutters

5-Axis waterjet cutting machines are built with the most advanced technology and with an exceptionally stable design to be able to repeatedly perform high precision free form cutting of full 3D components.

Pure Water Cutting Machines
Pure Water Cutting Machines

Pure water cutting applications on softer materials, use only a high-pressure jet stream of water to cut. Available as standard on all X-series, Premium and Grand waterjet cutting machines.

Custom Waterjet Solutions
Custom Solutions

The Water Jet Sweden machine range is broad and flexible, meeting almost any demand but we also offer bespoke, tailor-made machines to address any very specific customer needs not covered.

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Take a look at some Waterjet Sweden machines in action

The Ultimate Production Machine
Twin Head Cutting with CNC Movement
NCM 10 Micro Waterjet Cutter

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Water Jet Cutter Industries & Applications

We're the first choice for industry professionals across a diverse range of applications. Whilst our world-class machines are found in a wide range of industries our customers share a desire for advanced solutions in water jet cutting where high-quality build, superior components with high service standards, and 20+ year machine lifetime are required. 

Aerospace and Defence
Aerospace & Defence

Cut a wide range of materials, from Kevlar composites, used in personnel & vehicular armour to heavy plate steel up to 250mm. Production of small vanes using Microcut technology, blanking Titanium plate for wide chord fan blades, and trimming to near nett shape of 3D formed blades.

Special Metals Cutting
Special Metals Cutting

Cut a wide range of metals up to 300mm thick using the same process including aluminium, titanium, yellow metals, inconels, monels, duplex steels as well as wear and armour plate grades

General Fabrication & Sheet Metal
General Fabrication & Sheet Metal Cutting

Produce accurate profiles in a wide range of material types and thicknesses, ideal for lower batch sizes and more bespoke designs.

Stone and Ceramic
Stone, Ceramic & Glass Cutting

Cut anything from a thin ceramic tile through to 250mm granite. Decorative inlays from materials such as stainless steel, brass, copper, and contrasting stone can be cut on same machine.

Gasket Solutions
Gaskets & Sealing Solutions

Ideal for OEM and aftermarket manufacturers.Materials such as laminated graphite and thin metallic gaskets can be processed without damage to the parent material with no heat-affected zone and burr-free. ​​​​​​​

Oil and Gas
Oil & Gas

Cut materials such as inconels, hastelloys and stainless steels up to 250mm thick. High reliability due to no heat-affected zone (HAZ) in the parent material and produces finished or near to nett shape parts.

World Class

Service & Support

WJS UK has a team of Waterjet Sweden factory-trained field service technicians providing service and support throughout the UK for the full range of Water Jet Sweden water jet cutters. We also provide authorised service, support, and spare parts for the full range of Bystronic Water Jet Cutting Machines.

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Our Waterjet Cutting Machine Clients

We've been waterjet cutting for over 30 years. We don't just sell machines. Our clients value our expertise and knowledge and they know we can meet their most demanding waterjet cutting requirements with robust machines and proven technology configured to meet their specific needs.  Here’s just a small selection of WJS UK clients.

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