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Micro Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Machine
At a glance

High precision water jet cutter for fine parts and micro components
The Micro Water Jet cutting machine is specially designed to cut at high precision with extreme tolerances, cutting fine details with very little material loss.

Narrow cuts, extreme tolerances and abrasive cutting advantages
The Fine Abrasive Waterjet (FAWJ) process is a refinement of the already proven Abrasive WaterJet (AWJ) process, whereby the advantages are applied to Micro applications.

It’s use in the micro segment, where wall thicknesses in part profiles can be as little as 0.2mm benefits from the cold process where mechanical properties of the material are not affected by heat and there is no thermal distortion as is found with the laser process.

Compliments EDM and Micro Laser processes with the following advantages:

  • Fast set up with little or no fixturing requirement

  • Virtually any material, no need for electrical conductivity such as with EDM

  • No heat effected zone, as with Laser

  • Composite materials

  • Wide thickness range of materials

Low material erosion
The technology allows water jet cutting with low material erosion, leaving practically no burr and no heat-effected zones. Thanks to the option to cut thin layers of material, pliant structures can be created and material failure due to structural fatigue can be eliminated.

Fast Production Times
Products such as rubber extrusion dies that require tolerances no greater than 10µm can be produced much faster in materials up to 12mm thick in tool steel at a magnitude of 10x faster.

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Product videos

Microcut Technology in Action

Microcut Waterjet Cutting

Standard Model NCT 3020 - Water Jet Sweden

NCM 10 Microcut - Water Jet Sweden

Technical information




Cutting Table/Tank: 
Stainless Steel 

Cutting Table Frame: 
Mineral Casting Bearlit®

Motion System:
Ballscrew / Renishaw RESOLUTE RELA® invar scale

Control Unit:
Panel One HMI

CNC Control System:

FAWJ compatible

Pressure Technology:
4000 bar

Machine Size:
1×1 m


Maximum piece thickness:
100 mm

Positioning accuracy:
± 0.01 mm/300 mm (20°C ± 2°)

Repetition accuracy:
± 0.008 mm (20°C ± 2°)



The Micro WaterJet Machine is suitable for numerous industries and applications including:

Oil & Gas
Special Metals Cutting
Gaskets and Sealing Solutions

Product features

WJS Micro Cutting Head provides a state of the art precision tool producing one of the most precise abrasive water jet cutters in the world.

Mineral casting bearlit table frame for excellent stiffness, accuracy and absorption.

Renishaw Invar Scale providing extremely low expansion coefficient and high resolution.

Palletised cutting table offers outstanding opportunities for fixturing.

Rubber suspended stainless steel catcher to avoid vibration and thermal influence.

Software controlled abrasive feeding to sense feed rate, blockage and critical level in abrasive buffer.

Media is accelerated into a focused cutting beam travelling at over 600m/sec to erode the material into the shape dictated by the CAD design allowing the efficient production of single piece parts with almost no set-up time when changing jobs or material types.

Product datasheets

For further information and full technical specifications you can download water jet cutter datasheets here:


Micro Abrasive Datasheet Download

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