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Wood Cutting with Water Jet Cutters

Precision cut fabricated wood materials such as veneer and plywood with water jet cutters

Processing of wood has become something of an established niche application for water jet cutting technology. There are a number of very specific application areas where wtaer jet cutting offers exceptional benefits to more traditional methods e.g. wooden furniture, wooden jigsaw puzzles and even table tennis rackets!

The wood materials most frequently used today are fabricated ones, like veneer and plywood. Fast setup time, narrow cuts, no splintering and easy free-form cutting are some of the documented benefits that can be achieved when using water jet cutters on these materials. With a water pressure of up to 6,000 bar, even the thickest wood can be cut precisely, without any thermal changes and with microjet, cutting the finest geometries is possible.


  • Increased Productivity with Fast, High Quality Cutting
  • No Heat-Affected Zones
  • Satin-Smooth Cutting Edge
  • Net or Near-net Cutting - Little or No Hand Finishing.
  • High Precision - Minimal Kerf allows Incredible Detail
  • Raw Material Savings - Reduced Scrap
  • Composite Materials can be Easily Cut
  • Multiple Layers Can be Cut
  • Achieve Complex and Fine Contours
  • No Worrying Smoke or Vapours given off


  • Shop-fitting
  • Exhibition Stand Construction
  • Advertising Technology
  • Toy Industry
  • Woodworking Industry

Wood Cutting Applications

  • Furniture
  • Sports Equipment
  • Toys
  • Blanks, Signs, Letters and Logos
  • Wooden Jigsaws

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