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Composites Water Jet Cutting Materials
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Less tool wear and almost any shape

Despite the increased use for composite materials in many industries there are few machine tools that are really suitable for processing these materials with one particular challenge being tool wear. Water jet cutting is widely considered to be the best alternative for composite processing thanks to less tool wear and the option to cut almost any shape.

The term composite comprises a wide range of materials with different characteristics: Kevlar, carbon fibre, glass fibre, non-woven materials, composite resins, etc therefore the most efficient cutting process depends on the the material – Abrasive Water Jet Cutting (AWJ), Fine Abrasive Water Jet cutting (FAWJ) or Pure Water Jet cutting (PWJ).

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Cutting 200mm thick titanium

The world´s largest water jet cutting centre

Demonstrating the cutting of a metal tube


No heat-affected zones

No micro cracks

Satin-smooth cutting edge

No mechanical stress

High precision

Fine details

Minimum tool diameter

Multiple cutting heads

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