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Water Jet Sweden UK 

The market leading manufacturer of highly bespoke, precision 2D and 3D water jet cutters

Water Jet Sweden UK was formed in 2004 to enable Water Jet Sweden AB to provide direct sales, service and support to the UK market. The business, partly owned by Water Jet Sweden AB, has since then grown to support 100+ water jet cutting systems in the UK which include Rolls Royce, Titanium International and Airproducts Plc. An experienced team of dedicated technical support staff is based from our UK Technical Centre based in Yorkshire. 

Water Jet Sweden develop, design, and build world-class, industrial waterjet cutting machines. All our professional, heavy-duty machines are built to order in Sweden which means whatever your unique cutting needs. Whether that's entry level integrated compact machines or highly bespoke with operating sizes up to 18 metres, we can provide a water jet cutting machine built to meet your specific requirements.  Not only that, our waterjet cutting machines have exceptional build quality and are made to last with typically 20+ years of machine life ensuring optimum ROI. Call us on 01937 845499 to discuss your particular needs.

Our Business Concept

“Water Jet Sweden develops, manufactures and markets advanced solutions for water jet cutting and provides a quality aftermarket offer with service and parts.”

Our Vision

“We shall be the obvious first choice for customers worldwide who seek solutions in water jet cutting where high quality, high technical content and high service standards are the basic elements.

Who We Are

Chris Baker, Managing Director

Chris Baker

Water Jet Sweden UK was launched in 2004 by Chris Baker, a fabrication and forming machine tool industry veteran with more than 30 years experience.

Chris remains Managing Director of the business today which expanded in 2016 to also provide sales and support into the UK fabrication and sheet metal market for machine tools from leading worldwide manufacturers including Swebend and Roundo.


Back in 1993, Water Jet Sweden produced machines in a private garage. Today the business serves customers in more than 40 countries. Watch the full Water Jet Sweden story above.

Gavin Bell, General Manager

Gavin Bell

General Manager, Gavin Bell, previously worked in the machine tool sector in both production and sales roles for organisations including Slumberger and Hexagon Metrology where he was UK Sales & Marketing Manager.

He joined Water Jet Sweden UK in 2009 as Sales Director and became General Manager of the business in 2021 to lead a team of fully trained technicians most of whom have at least 10 years of experience.

What is Water Jet Cutting?

Waterjet cutting is a non-thermal cutting method using only natural sand and water to cut almost any material. The brittle cutting process give a smooth cutting surface with no slag or heat affected zones with less need for post processing. All materials can be cut by the one water jet machine, from soft rubber and plastics to the hardest metals and ceramics. A CNC operated water jet cutter ensures identical parts independent of volumes and with a minimum of waste material.

How does water jet cutting work?

How does water jet cutting work?

Tap water turns into jet beam

It all starts with ordinary tap water. It is filtered and pressurized in an Ultra High-Pressure pump, then delivered via high-pressure tubes to the water jet cutting head. A small diameter orifice will concentrate the water beam and the pressure turns into velocity. The supersonic water beam cuts all kinds of soft material like plastic, foam, rubber and wood. This process is called Pure Water Jet cutting (PWJ).

Abrasive adds power

To increase the cutting power, grains of an abrasive is added to the stream and the water beam turns into high-speed liquid sandpaper cutting all kinds of hard materials like stone, glass, metal and composites. This process is called Abrasive Water Jet cutting (AWJ). For micro components and really narrow cuts there is the Fine Abrasive Water Jet process (FAWJ), based on the same principles as AWJ.

Why water jet?

Why Waterjet

When calculating the overall production cost, water jet has repeatedly come out as the most profitable cutting method compared to traditional thermal methods.

Smooth cutting edge – With a precision of 0.1 millimeter, the surface can be made so smooth that there is no or very little need for additional processing.

No negative heat effects  – With the cold waterjet cutting method, the material will always keep its characteristics. No micro cracks, stress and hardened surfaces. This also eliminate impact by dust, toxic gases and deformation by slag and dross.

High-precision cuts – A pure waterjet beam makes thin incisions of 0.1-0.25 mm. An Abrasive Water Jet makes 0.4-1 mm wide cuts, in up to 300 mm thick solids at a tolerance of 0,025 mm. The FAWJ cutting head on Micro cutting gives a 0.2 mm incision at the extreme tolerance of 0.01 mm!

Simple and versatile – You can cut different materials and shapes – from prototypes to serial production – with simple programming, with the same cutting tool and with very short setup time.

When does water jet fit?

How does water jet cutting work?

Complement laser and plasma - The main reason for the laser and plasma industries to invest in water jet systems is the fact that they can cut a comprehensive range of materials and thicknesses without thermal impact on the material.

Prepare before milling - Water jet cutting is ideal for preparation of parts before milling. Cut two dimensional solids quick and easy – and you will save both processing time and tool wear.

Streamline EDM - When the EDM tolerances are not needed, water jet cutting is a cost-efficient complementary cutting method. The water jets also cut non-conducting materials like composites and glass.

Profitable as is - Water jet cutting can either be a substitute for or a complement to your present cutting solution. It all depends on your needs and requirements. Let us assist you in making the calculus and find the best solution for you.

Why choose Water Jet Sweden?

Quite simply Water Jet Sweden UK are the water jet cutting experts and our exceptional water jet cutting machines are built to order and made to last

Reliability and accuracy are the guiding principles in the manufacture and production of all our high precision CNC controlled water jet cutting machines. With our own dedicated R&D facility in in Southern Sweden we continue the ground-breaking research and development of new technology, components and software that's enabled us to produce a world class range of water jet cutting machines. That's also why compared to conventional water jet cutting machine running costs Water Jet Sweden machines are not only state-of-the-art but extremely cost effective and efficient. 

Water Jet Sweden Expertise

World Class Expertise

The worldwide patent for the integrated guide system, high performance cutting heads and valves, as well as working with world leading control suppliers, Fanuc and Siemens, has made it possible to manufacture a full range of 2D and 3D CNC water jet machines with the maximum accuracy and performance.

Water Jet Sweden Service

Highest Technical Standards

Our water jet cutting machines do more than just fulfil the daily requirements of productivity, flexibility and profitability. By using components that have been tested over many years and using the latest manufacturing techniques in high pressure water jet cutting and drive engineering fields, Water Jet Sweden offers CNC machines of the highest technical standard.

Water Jet Sweden Support

Dedicated UK Technical Support

Our team of approved and experienced, Water Jet Sweden factory trained water jet cutting engineers is based in the UK and on hand to solve any problems 24 hours a day. Our UK Technical Centre also provides test cutting and training.

Our Clients

At Water Jet Sweden we have the expertise and knowledge to satisfy the most demanding waterjet cutting machine requirements. Here’s just a small selection of Water Jet Sweden clients in the UK.

Gavin Bell

Gavin Bell
General Manager

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