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Single Head Water Jet Cutter
At a glance

Complete entry level water jet cutter fully equipped for 2D abrasive cutting
A high performance entry level water jet cutter with original flying bridge machine platform, WJS original cutting tool and Fanuc world famous CNC control system. These water jet cutting machines feature an ultra high pressure intensifier pump providing optimal efficient cutting of materials up to 200mm thick with one cutting head. Ideal for any kind of industry with a need for cutting bespoke parts in different kinds of materials Ideal for operations like prototype workshops, in-house jobs and design and engineering workshops.

Design Options
The single head water jet cutter is available in Standard and Advanced versions and comes in two sizes, 2 x 3 metre or 2 x 6 metre, to fit a wide range of material sizes and cutting needs. The Advanced model offers additional features including: head protection package, abrasive removal system, abrasive supply system, remote operator software and abrasive monitoring package.

Long Lifetime
Water Jet Sweden design provides for highest integrity over the longest lifetime available in the industry. This is achieved by  understanding the challenges associated with water jet cutting from 35 years experience and optimising design and manufacture to address these potential issues.

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Product videos

Single Head Water Jet Cutting

Twin Head Cutting with CNC Movement

Water Jet Sweden Titanium water jet cutting

Technical information


Flying Bridge

Welded Steel Beams

Cutting Table/Tank: 
Stainless Steel 

Stainless Steel/Bellow

Motion System:

Control Unit:
Fanuc 8.5" Touch Screen

CNC Control System:


Cutting Heads:

Cutting Processes:

Pressure Technology:
4000 bar and 6000 bar

Working Area:
2 x 3 m and 2 x 6m



Maximum Z-movement:
200 mm

Maximum Table load:
1200 kg/m2

Positioning accuracy:
± 0.08 mm/m

Repetition accuracy:
± 0.05 mm


Head Protection Package
Drilling Tool
Abrasive Supply System
Abrasive Tower 1 ton
Online Pressure Vessel
Abrasive Removal System
Abrasive Monitoring Package
Remote Operator Software
CAD/CAM Plugins
Water Softener
4000 bar pump upgrade
6000 bar upgrade package



Product features

Combined Single Cutting Head Standard – shows height sensor, laser power & optional pneumatic drill.

Twin Cutting Head Option – mounted on an aluminium beam, allows for twin part cutting and double productivity.

Micro Abrasive Cutting Head – using a 0.3mm abrasive nozzle this is ideal for fine detail component parts.

Pneumatic Drill Unit Option - sits offset from cutting head, ideal for soft and soft laminate materials

Product datasheets

For further information and full technical specifications you can download water jet cutter datasheets here:


Single Head Datasheet Download

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