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Full 5 Axis Water Jet Cutters Machines
At a glance

Ideal for advanced free form water jet cutting
Built with the most advanced technology and with an exceptionally stable design enabling repeat performance of high precision free form water jet cutting of full 3D components, FiveX water jet cutters are commonly used in high tech industry sectors like space, aircraft and power industry. Machines are delivered with Mastercam CAD/CAM, the leading most flexible 3D software in the world.

Full 5 axis motion for free form 3D cutting
Large scale 5-axis abrasive water jet cutters allow the advantages of the process to be realised in the finishing of fabricated structures, pressed parts, composite moulded parts and other such 3-D components. Alignment of 3-d shapes is made through automatic routines using a Renishaw probe, eliminating the risk of misalignment of the work piece on the machine.

Eliminate distortion in production process
Major aero engine manufacturers use FiveX to produce apertures in fabrications manufactured from titanium then finish machined. Traditionally when the apertures were removed by traditional chip machining processes, stresses in the material were released that distorted the part and took the previously good geometry into an unacceptable form. Using 5-axis water jet cutting to create these final apertures did not create the same stresses and left the edges without heat affected zones and in a non-work hardened state.

In the defence industries, materials such as Kevlar, Carbon and other laminates can easily  be cutto precise form. Applications include the trimming of moulded parts to final shape such as those used underneath military vehicles and high security vehicles.

Robust build with generous working area
With Z-Axis capacities up to 1500mm and with 4m x 6m available as standard in X and Y respectively a generous working area is provided with plenty of area for the cutting head to travel around the part. Built on a solid gantry construction provides a high integrity dynamic motion and a fully protected working zone for the operator.

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5 axis Water Jet Cutting Carbon steel

Water Jet 5 axis cutting

Waterjet Sweden FiveX Machine System - WJS 5 Axis

Technical information



Heavy-Duty with enhanced safety

Cutting Table/Tank: 
Stainless Steel 

Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Protection Covers

Motion System:
Linear Drive (X) and Ballscrew (Y)

Control Unit:
Panel One HMI

CNC Control System:


3D Cutting:

Pressure Technology:
4000 bar and 6000 bar

Machine Sizes:
2.5-4 m wide and 2-6 m long as standard



Maximum Z-movement:
1550 mm

Positioning accuracy:
± 0.050 mm/m

Repetition accuracy:
± 0.025 mm

Cutting Performance:

A-axis Movement:
± 91°

C-axis Movement:
± 220°

A-axis Movement:
± 91°

Transmission Accuracy A&C Axis:
< 1 arcmin

Repetition Accuracy A&C Axis:
< ± 6 arcsec


Handy Operator Panel
Zero Point Indicator
Work Piece Indicator System (probe function)
Fixture Arrangements,
Quick Water Level Adjustment
Jet Pen Marker System
Abrasive Delivery System with Abrasive Tower
Abrasive Removal System with Tip Container and Sediment Tank
Abrasive Level and Blockage Control
HMI Controlled Electronic Abrasive Feeder
HMI Remote Control of HP Pump
HMI Pressure Monitoring of HP Pump
HMI Proportional Valve Pressure Control
Unmanned Operation Functions



Oil & Gas
General Fabrciation  & Sheet Metal
Special Metals


Product features

Free form cutting – utilise free form cutting with an exceptionally long Z-movement up to 1500 mm, specially designed fixturing tables on request.

Intelligent Probe Interface – The Work Piece Indicator (Renishaw Probe Interface) is integrated with a large library of pre-designed measurement cycles, and customised measurement cycles can be delivered as an option.

Enhanced Safety – The FiveX cuts in all directions so the machine has full size wall design and automated, stainless steel side and frontal protection

Product datasheets

For further information and full technical specifications you can download water jet cutter datasheets here:


FiveX Datasheet Download

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