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Gaskets And Sealing Solutions Water Jet Cutting Applications
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Both abrasive and pure water cutting technologies are used in this sector. Many of the UK’s leading manufacturers of gaskets and sealing solutions use Water Jet Sweden water jet cutters to serve the OEM and aftermarket manufacturers.

Customers such as E. Dobson Gaskets of Keighley, Gee Graphite of Dewsbury, One Stop Sealing in Hull  and Specialised Engineering Products (Romsey) Ltd are amongst the largest and most respected manufacturers of a wide range of sealing solutions. Requirements can range from a 1 off seal required quickly for a site repair, where water jet cutting requires no tooling cost and next to no lead time, to OEM businesses where up to 12 cutting heads can be used at the same time to satisfy high volumes.

Industries served include: Oil & Gas, Offshore, Power generation, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical and Automotive.

Common materials cut include: Graphite, Graphite with bonded metallic core and other composite combinations, modified PTFE jointing sheets, rubber, cork and non-asbestos.

The WJS Microcut™ technology is providing further capabilities in this sector, where materials such as laminated graphite and thin metallic gaskets can be processed without damage to the parent material, with no heat effected zone and burr free. Traditionally many materials have been cut using hard tooling with the associated costs and lead time. Now, with Microcut™, water jet cutting provides an economical solution to cut even single pieces from a CAD drawing without set-up time or cost.

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Microcut Water Jet Cutting

Multi Head Pure Water Cutting

NCM 10 Microcut - Water Jet Sweden

Premium Model NCP 4020 - Water Jet Sweden

Standard Model NCT 3020 - Water Jet Sweden

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