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And with quality components from the World’s leading respective manufacturers, it’s no wonder Water Jet Sweden can provide a 5 Year Warranty on the mechanical guiding system and machine dynamics of all it’s new machines.

From our UK Technical Centre based in Yorkshire Water Jet Sweden UK provides sales, advice and unrivalled service and support for all Water Jet Sweden machine requirements in the UK. Water Jet Sweden develop, design and build waterjet cutters in almost all sizes for a variety of applications. From integrated compact machines to highly bespoke equipment with an operating size range of up to 18 metres these water jet cutters are available with a wide range of optional functions optimised for specific customer requirements.

New waterjet machine delivered to the UK

All Water Jet Sweden water jet cutters feature:

  • Extra wide linear bearings to resist torsion and provide a stable platform

  • Heavy duty steel frame that is stress relieved after fabrication and then precision machined

  • Completely enclosed bellow protection for all dynamic motion systems and motion parts, simplifying maintenance and prolonging the lifetime of the machine

  • Linear drives in the X-Axis have twice the speed of a ballscrew, with greater positioning accuracy and zero backlash when changing direction for cutting performance

new waterjet sweden machine delivered to UK

Reliability and Accuracy

Water Jet Sweden has consistently transformed ground breaking research and development technology into a comprehensive product range with over 700 installed water jet machines throughout the world.

Highest Technical Standards

By using components that have been tested over many years and manufactured using the latest techniques, in high pressure water jet cutting and drive engineering fields, Water Jet Sweden offers CNC machines of the highest technical standard.

new waterjet sweden machine delivered to UK

World Class

The worldwide patent for the integrated guide system, high performance cutting heads and valves, as well as collaborative work with the world’s leading control suppliers Fanuc and Siemens, has made it possible to manufacture a full range of 2D and 3D CNC water jet equipment with the maximum accuracy and performance.

Dedicated R&D

The research and development of new technology, components and software is carried out in an impressive facility in Southern Sweden, together with the latest developments in CAD/CAM software. When compared to conventional water jet cutting machine running costs Water Jet Sweden machines are not only state-of-the-art but extremely cost effective and efficient.

new waterjet sweden machine delivered to UK

For more information or to get a quote on any waterjet cutter machine just call us on 01937 845499 or send us an email to messages@wjsuk.com

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