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WJS launch a new unique feature:

To cut narrow incisions in hard materials with high precision requires a specially developed waterjet cutting process. FAWJ stands for Fine Abrasive Water Jet (micro waterjet, finecut), and is a unique and world-class cutting process launched back in 2008 by Water Jet Sweden. Since then, the technique has been applied to a specially developed precision machinery, designed to manufacture micro-components. Now we broaden the possibilities and launch the FAWJ Micro Head Package to our ordinary machine models. It is designed for customers who wish to cut fine parts with narrow incisions and high precision, without the need for the most extreme micro part tolerances.

FAWJ-a unique cutting technology

FAWJ technique requires a special cutting head and is a water jet cutting process suitable for very fine abrasives so metals and other hard materials could be processed with incisions as thin as 0.2 mm. The cutting process has all the advantages that water jet cutting means. It is simple and versatile, with a very smooth surface that requires no or very little post-processing, and there is no influence of the material constituent. FAWJ technology also allows you to cut quite thick materials. The thickness varies depending on the type of material.

Micro machine – for extreme precision

Water Jet Sweden’s machine model “Micro” (NCM 10) is specially developed for the FAWJ-process and is used for manufacturing of micro components. Micro waterjet cutting machine is a popular alternative to Micro-EDM and Laser. The Micro is a machine system based on Water Jet Sweden’s patented Gantry design and has a number of unique features for cutting with tolerances less than ± 0.01 mm. Some examples are the cutting table which is made of epoxy concrete, a material that also is used for measuring machines. The machine’s positioning is determined by a micrometer scale from Renishaw, an invar scale that has a precision of 1 nm. The Micro machine is a high precision tool used in precision mechanics, electronics, biotechnology and similar industry sectors, and for jewellery design and processing of exclusive materials.

New feature: The FAWJ Micro Head Package – for fine cuts

The FAWJ cutting process can cut as narrow as 0.2 mm, compared to traditional water jet for which the incision normally is 0.8-1.0 mm. A growing number of customers around the world have seen new opportunities with the FAWJ cutting process, and there has been a growing demand for FAWJ-cutting in general. Therefore Water Jet Sweden have launched an upgrade package: The FAWJ Micro Head Package which can be used on our regular machine models, X-series and Premium, which both have the size of cutting tables (1 x1 to 4 x 2 metre) and a CNC control system that can that can handle the delicate sand feeding.  FAWJ Micro Head Package can also be used as an upgrade for existing similar size machines.

FAWJ Micro Head applications

Machine model

Micro model 

X-series (FAWJ)  

Premium (FAWJ)


≥0.2 mm 

≥0.3 mm

≥0.3 mm

Positioning accuracy

0.01 mm/m

 ± 0.05 mm/m

± 0.05 mm/m

Repetition accuracy

± 0.008 mm

± 0.025 mm 

± 0.025 mm


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