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    Turn Waste into Added Value with Waterjet Cutting

How to minimise waste when processing expensive materials
Use waterjet cutting in your machining process to improve your material recycling and usage.

Simple Customisation Turns Waste into Added Value

Instead of drilling to cut out holes in the production of Inconel cylinders the use of waterjet technology with its narrow incision and fine kerf allows separate pieces to be cut out of the same material.

This delivered not just better value but also new product opportunities because it allows the residual material to be stored, shaped and reused.

Residual materials you can use to manufacture more components

This Inconel cylinder machining process involved cutting holes up to 127 mm in diameter in 152.4 mm diameter cylinders up to 200mm in thickness. With high tolerance requirements processing had until recently been performed by drilling. However, as the circumference of the hole was more than 50% of the material’s diameter, this meant 36% of the material was turned into waste.

Instead of simply drilling a hole, the narrow incisions (1-1.5 mm) and fine kerf of waterjet technology enable three separate pieces to be cut from the original material much like stacking a Russian Matryoshka doll. This provides multiple recycling possibilities by producing residual materials that can be used to manufacture more components instead of simply wasted as swarf.

As a precision process with a high potential for material savings, success depends on the correct cutting parameters to achieve results within tolerance requirements, as well as the machine’s performance and precision over time.

Turning Waste Into Added Value

A standard machine solution with a twist

This solution was based on a Water Jet Sweden H-model with a 2 x 1m table surface. This is a standard machine model which offers a complete workstation for all types of high-tolerance waterjet cutting in 2D.

Waterjet Sweden Cutting NCH-30

NCH 30, Water Jet Sweden

The Inconel cylinders 152 x 203 mm cutting items did not require a large work area so the standard machine size was more than adequate enabling a cost-effective as well as proven solution to be delivered despite the high-tolerance requirements.

Even with thicker materials faster processing and straighter cut surfaces are possible with the H-model thanks to optional, extra-high cutting pressure and a top of the line KMT Pro3 60 HP Intensifier Pump to deliver 6200 bar of water pressure.

powered by a kmt pro3-60 hp pump with 6200 bar pressure

And as a true, high-performance CNC machine it features FANUC OiF CNC control systems and an easy layout Fanuc 8.5″ touch-screen panel especially designed for waterjet cutting.

Customised tank and fixtures for smooth production process

To cut the thick cylinders with up to 6200 bar, the H-model waterjet cutting machine was enhanced with a customised tank to ensure an effective and smooth production process. Manufactured entirely in stainless steel to withstand the continual wear of both water and sand.

As water spray is often deflected when piercing thicker materials it also includes extra splash guards on the side and a special nozzle cover to spread water horizontally as this is important for the working environment.

High precision and repeatability is delivered thanks to an integrated three part fixture system in the tank ;

  • Fixture bench
    Connected to the tank with special feet for improved support and maximum stability and repeatability.

  • Palette fixture
    Designed to be easily moved in and out of the tank. Special cone-shaped guides automatically realign with the starting position on the fixture bench.

  • Material holders
    Designed to handle various item diameters and withstand tough manufacturing environments. Easy loading and unloading provides an efficient work flow and manufacturing process.


Special Three Part Fixture System
Special Nozzle Cover Extra Splash Guards
Stable Material Holders for Repeatability

Added value as standard

Tony Rydh
CTO and founder of Water Jet Sweden

“Thanks to the customised tank and special fixture solution, our H-model machine is now an enhanced workstation that performs a highly specific and precision production process. Both the tank and the fixture system are designed for easy operation, and smooth loading and unloading with a specialised lifting device. The robust design means durability that can withstand years of cutting in tough manufacturing environments. Finally, it delivers an improved economy and new opportunities for years to come. The easiest way to save material is to stop wasting it!”

Waterjet Sweden FiveX Machine Industires
about water jet sweden

About Water Jet Sweden

With extensive experience in high precision, abrasive water jet cutting, Water Jet Sweden first achieved international recognition in 1999, with a prestigious order from Daimler Chrysler Aerospace. Since then the company has been providing water jet cutters to high tech industries, like aerospace, defence, chemical, power corporations, oil and gas, all over the world.

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