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Producing narrow slots with ultra-high precision in engineering materials using waterjet requires a specific abrasive waterjet cutting process: the Fine Abrasive Waterjet process (FAWJ). The first FAWJ cutting head was developed by Water Jet Sweden in 2008.

Abrasive Waterjet Cutting (AWJ) is a common method for processing parts in engineering materials such as, stainless steel aluminium, titanium and carbon composites. The FAWJ process provides a viable process between micro laser and EDM cutting and brings water jet cutting into the field of micro part manufacturing.

Such levels of precision require two things: (1) a cutting head and cutting process for FAWJ cutting and (2) a machine built for extreme accuracy. The NCM 10 Micro from Water Jet Sweden fulfils both of those requirements.

FAWJ Fine Abrasive Waterjet Cutting

FAWJ cutting process for 0.2 mm wide cuts.

The first micro waterjet cutting head was developed by Water Jet Sweden in 2008. It is a high precision cutting tool producing one of the most precise abrasive water jets in the world. The unique cutting head enables an abrasive jet diameter down to 0.2 mm. The FAWJ cutting process requires very fine abrasives of 220-245 mesh and a precise CNC controlled abrasive feeder.

Fine Abrasive Waterjet Cutting FAWJ

Machine table designed for ± 0.008 accuracy

To reach the levels of accuracy required in micro part manufacturing, the NCM 10 water jet has a number of unique design features to create a rigid structure that withstands temperature fluctuations and vibrations:

  • Mineral Casting Bearlit table frame – a table frame made of a composite material with maximum stiffness that withstands vibrations and temperature changes. The frame is integrated in the machine construction and motion system as a complete unit.
  • Rubber suspended stainless steel water catcher – the free-standing catcher solution stops vibrations and temperature variations from influencing the cutting process. Construction from stainless-steel makes it maintenance free.
  • Renishaw Invar Scale in X and Y – with a Renishaw Absolute Linear Encoder fitted in both X and Y axes you have a sub-micron scale with an extremely low coefficient of expansion and ultra-high resolution.
Fine Abrasive Waterjet Cutting FAWJ

Prepared for any kind of fixtures

The precision machined cutting table makes it easy to install fixtures and for different types of machining. Maximum table size is 1×1 m which covers most cutting applications. The cutting table is fixed into the table frame to enable ultra-high precision cutting.

"Many suppliers state that they offer micro cutting machines but not many can offer a true micro part cutting system with 0.2 mm width combined with ± 0.008 accuracy," says Tony Rydh, co-founder and Chief Technical Officer at Water Jet Sweden.

The UK has been one of the leading markets for Micro Abrasive waterjet cutting technology. A number of customers are providing true Micro Part manufacturing on the NCM model machine, while others use the Micro Abrasive Waterjet System on larger WaterJet Sweden cutting tables as a valuable addition to their existing capability.

Fine Abrasive Waterjet vs Micro Laser

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