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    Machine of the Month: November 2019

FiveX - 5 Axis Machine System
Ideal for repeat high precision free form cutting of full 3D components

Welcome to the first in a series of technical bulletins, this month we focus on FiveX, the 5-axis machine system from Water Jet Sweden providing a custom machine tool solutions developed to shape high-tech materials into advanced 3D parts.

Waterjet Sweden FiveX Machine System

Material development has created a need for processing advanced 3D geometry parts in high tech industries. Hardened metals, special alloys and combined materials like composites are demanding more from material processing technology. As a cold cutting process eliminates impact on material structure, with no micro cracks or heat affected zones, waterjet cutting is ideal for this type of manufacturing. 

The FiveX high precision and structured 5-axis machine system from Water Jet Sweden is a top of the line machine model, built with the most advanced technologies and with an exceptionally stable design to be able to repeatedly perform high precision free form cutting of full 3D components.

It was developed specifically to meet the need for water jet cutting in space and now fulfils the most challenging customer demands from leading aerospace, defence, and power industries around the world with each FiveX waterjet cutter a unique solution based on specific customer requirements.


Key Features & Benefits

Free form cutting
Utilise free form cutting with an exceptionally long Z-movement up to 1500 mm. specially designed fixturing tables on request.


Intelligent Probe Interface 
The Work Piece Indicator (Renishaw Probe Interface) is integrated with a large library of pre-designed measurement cycles, and customised measurement cycles can be delivered as an option.


Enhanced Safety
Since the FiveX cuts in all directions the machine has full size wall design and automated, stainless steel side and frontal protection


High precision with state-of-the-art performance

Waterjet cutting hard materials in space requires an exceptionally stable machine design, especially if you intend to keep a repetition accuracy of ± 0.025 mm throughout the machine lifetime.

The Water Jet Sweden FiveX waterjet machine is specially designed to counteract torsion, manage vibrations and handle irregularities during advanced 3D profiling. Built on a heavy-duty steel frame with high walls and 2 independent Y-axis motors to steadily carry the cutting units and X-beam, the patented gantry design enables a smooth movement with less wear of mechanical parts and a more consistent cutting result. 


Waterjet Sweden FiveX Machine Performance

Safety Features

Waterjet Sweden FiveX Machine Safety

Designed to safely manage 3D abrasive cutting in space

Free form abrasive waterjet cutting in space requires specific safety features compared to traditional sheet material processing because if unprotected, a waterjet beam carrying abrasive media at speeds near twice the speed of sound could be lethal up to many metres away.

With a Z-movement of 750-1500 mm and a ± 0-91° cutting angle the FiveX machine is specifically designed to manage high precision 3D abrasive cutting in space.  The full-size walls not only give stability to the machine frame but are also important safety barriers for the operator which together with the automated back and front protection enables cutting in all directions. Machines can be programmed and driven by a number of proprietary cad/cam systems according to customer requirements.


Industries & Applications

FiveX waterjet offers proven advantages for Defence, Aerospace and Power Applications

Large-scale 5-axis processing allows the advantages of the waterjet cutting process to be utilised in the finishing of fabricated structures, pressed parts, moulded composite parts and other 3D components.

Designed materials such as Hardened Steel, Titanium, Kevlar and Carbon Fibre can be cut easily to precise form which has led to the FiveX’s popularity with the Defence Industry, Space Industry, Aerospace Industry and Power Industry with applications including trimming of moulded parts into their final shape. 


Waterjet Sweden FiveX Machine Industires

Custom Options

All Water Jet Sweden FiveX machines are built on the same platform but are totally bespoke in width, length, height and technology features, manufactured specifically to meet the unique production requirements of each customer.

Machine Specification

Redefining machine specification to find the best machine solution for the task given

When faced with the challenge of the FiveX’s maximum cutting angle of ± 91° not being enough to cut holes with a countersink, on a vertical surface we were able to redefine the machine specification to introduce a new cutting head with ± 0-120° cutting angle. 

Automatic 3D Alignment

Automatic 3D alignment of pressed parts on 5-axis waterjet

Non-contact probing was developed to gather point data on the product, perform a best fit analysis and update the workpiece offsets to align the part perfectly within the control software. Automating the alignment negated the need for expensive fixtures, providing perfect alignment even for parts with form errors and reduced the set-up time by more than 70%.

Adding 2D Cutting Ability

Providing an efficient multiple head 2D cutting tool

A second cutting head which when activated enables the waterjet machine to quickly turn into an efficient multiple head 2D cutting tool. The 2D head is armed with drilling unit, height sensor and electronic abrasive feeders to control and secure the cutting process. The custom water tank size enables one safe access door on each side of the machine for availability and easy operations. On each side inside there is a handy operating panel and walking area for precise job setup, and spray nozzle with hose reel for quick and easy cleaning while loading and unloading. 

about water jet sweden

About Water Jet Sweden

With extensive experience in high precision, abrasive water jet cutting, Water Jet Sweden first achieved international recognition in 1999, with a prestigious order from Daimler Chrysler Aerospace. Since then the company has been providing water jet cutters to high tech industries, like aerospace, defence, chemical, power corporations, oil and gas, all over the world.

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