Take a look at water jet cutting machines in action with our range of Water Jet Sweden machine videos.

The Ultimate Production Machine

Twin Head Cutting with CNC Movement

Water Jet Sweden Titanium water jet cutting

5 axis Water Jet Cutting Carbon steel

Water Jet Sweden 6200 bar Beveljet 60

Microcut Waterjet Cutting

5 axis waterjet cutting from Water Jet Sweden

Why Buy a Water Jet Sweden machine?

Microcut Technology in Action

Multi Head Pure Water Cutting

BevelJet Pro from Waterjet Sweden

Single Head Water Jet Cutting

Water Jet Cutting with Height Sensing

Water Jet 5 Axis Cutting

Microcut Technology in Action

Water Jet Sweden NC60150 BevelJet Water Jet Cutting Machine

WaterJet Machine cutting Titanium 200mm thick

The Story of Microcut

Waterjet Sweden cutting - new height sensor

Water Jet Sweden Height sensor

Celery Cutting with Pure Water

NCM 10 Microcut - Water Jet Sweden

Standard Model NCT 3020 - Water Jet Sweden

Premium Model NCP 4020 - Water Jet Sweden

Waterjet Sweden Cutting Machine NCS 46 - Tesla approved

Waterjet Sweden FiveX Machine System - WJS 5 Axis

Waterjet Sweden UK - WaterWheel Cutting Video

Linear Z Axis Waterjet Cutting

Welcome to Water Jet Sweden

What we do

WJS UK was formed in 2004 to support Waterjet Sweden AB, providing sales, service & support to the UK market. The business, partly owned by WaterJet Sweden AB has since that time grown to support more than 85 water jet systems in the UK with 5 dedicated technical support staff.

From our UK Technical Centre based in Yorkshire we offer unrivalled sales, service and support to keep your business ahead of the competition for all your waterjet requirements in 2D, 3D, robotics, pure water, abrasive or fine abrasive.


Who we are

The WJS UK management team of Chris Baker, Gavin Bell and Matt Baker lead a team of fully trained technicians who provide a second to none sales and support service.


Why choose Water Jet Sweden


Our team has over 30 years experience from the installation of with CNC water jet machines installed throughout the UK.


UK technical service and spare parts for the full range of Water Jet Sweden cutting machines.


Our team of experienced, factory trained water jet engineers are on hand to solve any problems 24 hours a day.

Please contact us with any questions you may have or take a look at our FAQs here

Machine Videos

The Ultimate Production Machine


Twin Head Cutting with CNC Movement


Latest News


Turn Waste into Added Value with Waterjet Cutting

When processing expensive materials, it’s important to minimise waste. Using waterjet technology to cut out holes instead of drilling means the residual material can be stored, shaped and reused delivering not just better value but also new product opportunities. Here we look at how waterjet technology was used to produce Inconel cylinders, and save material in the process.


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