Whatever the material water jet cutting offers a useful and cost-effective machine tool process

Materials suitable for Water Jet Cutting

Use Water Jet Sweden machines to cut virtually any material quickly and precisely in any shape or size including metals, stone, glass, wood and plastics.

Water jet cutting is a non-thermal cutting method using only natural sand and water to cut almost any material. In theory a simple process but in practice an advanced cutting technology. The brittle cutting process give a smooth cutting surface with no slag or heat affected zones, and there is less need for post processing.

All materials can be cut by the same water jet machine, from soft rubber and plastics to the hardest metals and ceramics. A CNC operated water jet machine ensures identical parts independent of volumes and with a minimum of waste material.

This versatility and ease of operation is why water jet cutting has become such a useful machine tool process for a wide range of materials.

Below is a selection of just some of those materials, please select a material for more information and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us or give us a call on 01937 845 499.



Metal cutting by the Abrasive Water Jet cutting process (AWJ) is a major area of application for water jet technology. Finely grained sand combined with the ultra-high pressure water beam creates a powerful cutting tool, cutting up to 300 mm thick metal into...



There is an increased use for composite materials in many industries, yet there are few machine tools that are really suitable for processing these materials. One major challenge is tool wear. Usually, water jet cutting implies no extra tool wear and also offers the option to cut...



Standard glass, composite glass, armored glass or Plexiglass? For years, glass has been a frequent application area for water jet cutting. Diamonds may cut straight lines, but when it comes to curved shapes, water jet is a natural priority. Glass is sensitive to cracking...


Stone & Ceramic

Water jet solutions cutting stone and tiles into different shapes are used all over the world. Applications spans from comprehensive architectural structures and specific interior design elements to unique installations of public art. Using a water jet machine for free-cutting, you can...


Rubber & Plastics

When cutting soft materials like rubber, plastics and foam, there is no need for abrasives. For soft materials, the pure water jet cutting process (PWJ) is a priority alternative. PWJ cuts rapidly with very narrow cuts of 0.1 mm. When it comes to soft materials, the water jet...



Processing of wood has become something of an established niche application for the water jet technology, and there are some application areas of specific interest. The wood materials most frequently used today are fabricated ones, like veneer and...


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