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Improved margin by reduced cutting cost per unit

The unique versatility and cutting performance of water jet machines enables them to keep cost per unit at a minimum. Narrow, precise cuts means efficient nesting and thereby minimum loss of material. The absence of heat-affected zones minimises the need of second treatment – and with the same tool you can easily cut all shapes, thicknesses and materials.

  • Machine & system engineering
  • Electronics
  • Gaskets & seals
  • Biotech & medical
  • Power & energy
  • Public & educational centres

Advanced technology, high value and exacting demands

Ideal for industries with high quality demands such as manufacturers of technically advanced products (often out of expensive high-tech materials), where machine performance is an important competitive tool.

Common denominators within this category are exacting demands and high goods value: E.g. blanking of titanium plate for aero engines, cutting Kevlar in composites for personnel and vehicle armour, cutting of thick composite panels for naval patrol boats, shaping of hardened glass and granite for architectural designs or precious metals for jewellery.

  • Aerospace & defence
  • Transportation & shipping
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Fashion & design
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The Ultimate Production Machine

Twin Head Cutting with CNC Movement

Water Jet Sweden Titanium waterjet cutting

Product datasheets

For further information and full technical specifications you can download water jet cutter datasheets here:


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